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Eagle Compliance, LLC is solely dedicated to providing the most efficient source of fixed-rate, term funding for small business borrowers in the SBA 504 program.  

By adhering to a structured financing calendar and working closely with our underwriters, BAML and Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., we fully commit the resources necessary to achieve optimal rates in each monthly debenture sale.  

Eagle Compliance, LLC monitors Key Performance Indicators daily, adjusting strategies as needed.

Eagle has served as Fiscal Agent for the 504 program since April 2012, and has introduced many efficiencies to the sale process while funding 71,854 debentures, totaling $55.8 billion at an average rate of 2.85 percent for 20-year debentures.   

Eagle Compliance, LLC (Eagle) is responsible for the marketing, pricing, and sale of the certificates (debentures) sold to investors to fund the SBA 504 Loan Program.

Eagle Compliance, LLC is a veteran-owned small business that, in its role as Fiscal Agent for the SBA 504 program, is committed to economic development through the sale of government guaranteed 504 debentures at attractive rates for growing small businesses. The Board of Managers of Eagle consists of representatives from the Capital Markets and CDC industry. The Board meets quarterly to review Eagle’s operations and is kept current on the status of the monthly sales. Eagle operations include: 

  • Managing the administration of the monthly issuance of the debenture pools
  • Organizing the marketing and underwriting of the debentures
  • Negotiating the pricing of the monthly debenture pool sales with the underwriters
  • Confirming proceeds of the sale for distribution to the CSA
  • Providing advice to the SBA Office of Financial Assistance on market conditions and the financing of 504 debenture pools and performing industry research and analysis

The Bank of New York Mellon serves as the Trustee of the 504 debenture fund, the Underwriters are Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., and Computershare, as agent for Guidehouse, is the Central Servicing Agent for the SBA and is responsible for processing loan documents and disbursing the funds received from the sale of the debentures.