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SBA Information Notice 5000-849343

District Cut-off Date – the date in each District when 504 Loan Closing Packages must be received by SBA Counsel. The District Cut-off Date is the same date nationwide and is approximately 14 days prior to the CSA Cut-off Date

CSA Cut-off Date – the date by which the CSA must receive documents from the CDC for the debenture sale is approximately 14 days prior to Pricing Date
Pulled Loan Deadline – the last date the loan may be withdrawn from the next scheduled debenture sale is the close of business the Monday prior to Pricing Date (except September)​
Announcement Date – typically, the first Tuesday of the first full week of the month (beginning and including Sunday)​
Pricing Date – the date that the 504 debenture rates are set which is the first Thursday of first full week of the month​
Funding Date – the date that 504 funds are disbursed to the CSA for distribution, which occurs Wednesday of week following Pricing Date 

Certain modifications have been made to account for holidays.


PLEASE NOTE: Asterisks (*) next to dates indicate months to include the sale of 10 year debentures. 20 & 25 year debentures are offered monthly.